Danielle’s Story

Danielle was bitten by the writing bug when she was in elementary school and she can’t seem to get rid of it! She’s been the author of six short stories including A Dance of Dichotomies, Alyssum’s Wish, and The Trickster’s Trials. She started publishing full-length novels in 2022.

Whenever she isn’t writing, she’s either taking obscenely long walks, watching Disney movies, playing video games, reading, or drinking hot chocolate (sometimes many of those things at once). While she doesn’t write as her full-time job, she likes to put the people and places that live in her head on paper, and she hopes on the off chance that other people like her stories as much as she does.

She cares for writing as much as she does her fantastic family and her cat, Dave. She currently resides in Indiana with her husband and the aforementioned cat. See how adorable he is to the right.